ENROLLING NOW: No More BullFit Excuses Challenge!

Check out the No More BullFit Excuses Challenge! Now for both Women and Men during the Next Round July 22 - September 16, 2017

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What we do BEST

We have fun!

We believe that to be committed to a lifestyle change like transforming your body in our KickFit Kickboxing class or learning Self Defense in our Krav Maga courses, you MUST enjoy it. Every work out, every lesson, and every interaction allows us to make our members healthier and happier.

We work as a team!

At Bullman’s, we believe in something we all call “The Bullman’s Family.” We are all here to get better and encourage each other. All of our classes include either a partner or group component because science tells us that we will work harder when we are in a team. No judgement and no cliques, just good people getting healthier and happier as a team.

We get results!

Because we believe that classes should be fun and challenging, our classes are incredibly effective for fat burning, muscle building, and learning self defense. Our KickFit Kickboxing classes and FIT circuit training classes can easily burn well over 500 calories in one session. Our Krav Maga can get anyone up to speed in self defense within 6 months.

Meet the Team

Terry Bullman | Owner & Chief Instructor
Jim Cloutier | Krav Maga Instructor
Alli Jenkins | Personal Trainer
Heather Stahlman | Personal Trainer