BullFit Challenge

Join us for Bullman’s No More BullFit Excuses Challenge! is an individualized 6-week plan that provides participants with:
Your Fitness Plan
A Challenge Coach
Nutrition Plan

Challengers will start and complete their program with a Body Composition Consultation with their challenge coach!

Our goal is to help participants get a jump-start on becoming a fitter version of themselves, while helping form sustainable habits after completion of the Challenge!

Are you ready?

No More BullFit Excuses Program includes:
We suggest integrating at least:
1 KickFit
1 Krav Maga Self-Defense
1 F.I.T. (Functional Intensity Training)
per week for minimum results. For best results, 5 classes a week from our schedule. Your Challenge Coach will work with you at the beginning to help you plan the best approach for you.
Challengers will work with a Challenge Coach who monitors progress, answers questions, helps with modifications, and encourages! Your coach will conduct an initial consultation including body composition measurements and program + nutrition planning, serve as your motivator and advisor through the challenge period, and conduct your final body composition consultation.
During this appointment, clients will be measured with tape measurer, weighed, and assessed for body fat composition. Appointments should take no longer than 15 minutes, and late arrivals may have to be rescheduled due to trainer obligations. Please use our app to schedule a time accessible through the “Personal Sessions” tab. Dress in shorts and tank tops.
Challengers will be provided with a paleo-inspired nutrition plan with weekly shopping lists, daily menus, and recipes.
As part of the No More BullFit Excuses Challenge, you will receive:
1 pair of boxing gloves
1 Bullman’s sweat towel
1 Bullman’s Tank