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Information and FAQ

KickFit is a high energy and amazingly fun cardio kickboxing class combining traditional kickboxing with bodyweight exercise to burn anywhere from 600-900 calories in a single hour! With the music playing and the instructor shouting punching and kicking combinations, you will have the workout of your life while enjoying it. We will teach you great technique, and you will make some awesome new workout buddies in this class.
F.I.T. (FUNCTIONAL INTENSITY TRAINING) is an indoor/outdoor work out geared toward functional strength using your own body weight, kettle bells, box jumps, etc. It builds your core muscles using exercises that create a full body workout to improve your balance and agility as well as burn the maximum amount of fat and calories in a high-intensity circuit.
All of our fitness programs are great for any fitness levels because it is based on the reps YOU can achieve at your current level while feeling challenged.
We require well fitting athletic clothes and tennis shoes for our classes.

Lead Instructors

Terry Bullman

Terry Bullman, our owner and chief instructor, has been teaching Krav Maga and Fitness for nearly 20 years. Terry designed the KickFit and FIT classes so that people at any fitness level could get a great workout all together in a fun packed group environment. His mission is to teach Krav Maga and Fitness so people can live safer, healthier, and happier lives

Alli Jenkins

Alli Jenkins is a lead group fitness instructor for our KickFit and FIT classes. Alli is certified by AAAI personal training certification program and offers one on one training as well. She was trained by Terry Bullman and received her Black Belt in PMA Self Defense Curriculum in July 2009.

Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist Level 1: FST is manual assisted stretching with subjects on a massage table using oscillation, traction and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation or PNF. 80% of our proprioceptors are in our free nerve endings or interstitial muscle receptors found in our fascia of muscles and connective tissues. This can provide optimal results for pain management, rehabilitation and functional training. This system is being utilized in medical, fitness and sports facilities all over the world.