No Bull-fit Testimonials

No Bull-Fit Testimonials

Interested in joining Bullmans but not sure if we’re the right fit for you? Read our member testimonials, we can’t tell about how our gym has made a difference – but our members sure can!

No more bull-fit excuses, it’s time to take control of your confidence and fitness by joining our gym today! Between our certified instructors, fun and encouraging environment, and all day class schedule – we are sure to be the perfect fit for you!

“Such a great workout. Motivating staff and music!”
“BEST place to get fit in Knoxville!!!! Fun workouts that work!!! Best staff EVER!!!”
“My husband loves the classes and people here. Great welcoming and warm environment!”
“First class today.. Loved it!!!! Definitely will be returning!!! Looking forward till next class and as many as I can attend!!!”
“Engaging workouts and professionally run. Great establishment!”
“Excellent workout!! Best calorie burn and best instructors in town.”
“Our instructor always formulates the class specific to the number and skill level of the attendees. He is always positive and makes everyone feel comfortable regardless of level. Excellent class as always!”
“This class was very challenging, but rewarding. I like that you can have people at different levels working at their own pace all together and still have a good flow. 515 calories gone!”
“Hard work for 30 minutes…short sweet and to the point. I loved it.”
“Russell’s class was a good class. I really liked the high intensity intervals (like running to the pole & back). It was good to get my heart rate up & as soon as my heart rate dipped down, we would have another burst to get it back up!”
“Jaime’s class was excellent. I felt relaxed after leaving the class. I really enjoyed the encouragement and alternative poses.”
“What an incredibly fun & challenging work out today! The focus on the lower body today, combined with the 3 rounds of 5 stations at the end of class was the most physically demanding KickFit class I have taken so far…but man it was fun reflecting back on what all we accomplished today in only 60 minutes. I enjoyed the surprise exercises in the workout that pushed me to work harder outside of my comfort zone.”
“Great for my first time Krav class. Feel like I got a lot out of it and am looking forward to the next one.”
“I had a class with Jake. He is a very thoughtful teacher and takes all levels into consideration when designing class activities. Amazing workout for sure! Boxing and Krav in one class.”
“Great Instruction! Just what I needed! This Bullman’s class helped me with overall balance, stabilization, and core. As well working on my weaker stabilizing muscles on my right side of the body!”